Papers submitted (peer-reviewed):

Anagnostou, M.N., J.A. Nystuen, E.N. Anagnostou, A. Papadopoulos and V. Lykousis, 2010: “Passive Aquatic Listener (PAL): An adaptive underwater acoustic recording system for the marine environment”, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics (NIMA) Research, S94-S98, doi:10.1016/j.nima.2010.04.140.

Nystuen, J.A., M.N. Anagnostou, E.N. Anagnostou and A. Papadopoulos, 2011: Monitoring Greek seas using passive underwater acoustics, J. Atmos. and Oceanic Tech. (Submitted).

Tsabaris, C, M.N. Anagnostou, D.L. Paris, J.A. Nystuen, G. Eleftheriou, Th. Daklada, V. Papadopoulos, A. Prospathopoulos, A. Papadopoulos and E.N. Anagnostou, 2011: A marine groundwater spring in Stoupa, Greece: Shallow water instrumentation comparing radon and ambient sound with discharge rate”, Proceda of Earth and Planetary Science (in press).

Conference Proceedings:

Quantifying Physical Processes in the Marine Environment using Underwater Sound, Proceedings of the 4th Underwater Acoustic Measurements (UAM) Conference, Kos Island, Greece, 20-24 June 2011, p1171-1178.

Conferences attended:

Anagnostou MN, JA Nystuen, J Kalogiros, G. Potiriadis, EN Anagnostou, G. Alexakis, A. Papadopoulos, D. Ballas, K. Nittis, P.Pagonis, L. Perivoliotis and D. Georgopoulos, 2010: “Evaluation of underwater acoustic estimates through comparison with buoy anemometer and radar measurements”, 10th International Conf. on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics, Patras, Greece.

Nystuen JA, MN Anagnostou, EN Anagnostou, and A.Papadopoulos, 2010: “Real-time measurements of physical conditions at the sea surface using passive underwater acoustics”, Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, 5-9 July 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, p670-675.

Nystuen and JL Miksis-Olds, 2010: “Soundscapes under sea ice: Can we listen for open water?” 10th European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Istanbul, Turkey, 5-9 July 2010.

Nystuen JA, EN Anagnostou, MN Anagnostou, E Amitai, A Papadopoulos and SC Riser, 2010: “Underwater acoustic measurements of precipitation: Review and update”, 10th International Precipitation Conference, Coimbra, Portugal, 23-25 June 2010.

Nystuen JA, S. Riser, T. Wen and D. Swift, 2011: “Interpreted acoustic ocean observations from Argo floats” 161st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Seattle, Washington, 24-28 May, 2011.